Video Production Services

Script Writing Services

If you can’t think of the best way to say something, we can. Our professional script writers will have a briefing session with you and magic flows from pen to paper.

Event Photography

With over 13 years already under our belt, ZooM Event Photography has firmly established itself as South Africa’s leading BEE certified corporate event and golf day photographic company.

DVD Production

You won’t lose sleep over the 700 copies of your video you wanted by 6AM, but we will… making sure that you sleep like the successful manager you are.

Motion Graphics

We can bring your logos and wording to life in any video with our animation technology to give your videos a whole new look and feel.

Editing Services

Animations, graphics, fades and special effects, let us convert your video footage into visual poetry and you will be buying your own product.

Location Scouting

Location Scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage of any video. Let us make sure that your video backgrounds and locations compliment your message.

Makeup Artists

Don’t have the time or resources to find a makeup artist? We have a collections of mobile makeup artists who will come to your set and ensure that your CEO looks better than a Calvin Klein model.

Voice Over Artists

If you like it rough or smooth, fast or slow, we have the voice for you. Male, Female, Black, White, Convincing; let us record the voice to match your message in our professional sound studios with quality to silence the Banshees.